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Learn to build
your own products.

Learn How To Build Powerful Modern Web Applications & Build your own product or startup.

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Python Foundations
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How the Program Works

The program is designed to give you maximum learning outcomes in the least time. To make this possible, each week is filled with Foundation Classes, that seed new concepts
& Hack Sessions, that cement topics you learnt in the Foundation Class.


Foundation Classes

Learn new topics every week thoroughly with in-depth hands-on sessions.


Hack Sessions

Build one project every week using comprehensive Project Guides.

Private 1:1 Coaching Call

Talk privately to our coach and resolve deep barriers to your growth.

Career Assistance

Get Placement Assistance for up-to
6 months after graduation.

Build Modern Web Applications from scratch
Work as a Freelance Web Developer for Clients
Build REST APIs as a Back-End Developer
Develop Styled User Interfaces with HTML/CSS/JS
Keep track of Code with Version Control Systems like Git
Maintain a Code Base by yourself
Use Virtual Environments to Separate Different Code Bases

Graduation Rituals @ Speckbit

Topics Covered

git VCS
postgres DB

FSD Accelerator vs. Other Courses

As shown below, our program is more cost-effective & personalized than a premium online course, and we deliver more robust results than offline training institute.

₹30.000 ₹27,499

Get the best in class training at
one-third the cost of other alternatives without compromising on quality.

₹49,000 - ₹1.2 Lakhs

Quality training doesn't have to be expensive, but unfortunately, they are. Almost 3 times more than us.

Time Commitment

7 -10 Hours / Week
We demand the right amount of time needed to master the content. Give you Project guides that shorten time into half.

16 - 20 Hours / Week
You'll need more time than advertised when you're re-doing most things you didn't understand in the videos.

Session Delivery

Fully Hands-On
Right from the first class, you will write code on your laptop, learn systems development & build projects all through the course.

Passive Whiteboard Training
Our alternatives expect you to learn solely through videos or whiteboard sessions. That's not how you code/build things, do you?


One Project Every Week
There's no better way to learn than to build. You'll build one project every week to learn the curriculum.

One / Two Demo Projects
Our alternatives just showcase & help you build a project or two for namesake.

What You Learn

Front-End Dev

To Be a Full Stack Web Developer, it's important you understand how the web works. HTML & CSS are the easiest bits of learning web development. You will design & build your portfolio by using Bootstrap. You'll learn JS, an essential for every Front-end Developer.

Component Design

Just knowing how HTML & CSS works will not help you to build awesome websites. You need to practice what you have learned to build those sites. Learning how to build various complex styled-components helps you to strengthen your HTML & CSS skills. 

Back-End Dev w/ Django

Django is a framework that lets you build an application very quickly and stably. Django sits in the server-side/back-end of your web stack and does all the heavy lifting for your web application. Companies like Disqus, Instagram, Pinterest, and Mozilla have been using Django for many years.

Version Control with Git

Git is a powerful tool that every developer uses in their everyday work. Git lets you take snapshots of your code whenever you want & commit(save) them to a repository. With this repository, you can now move around to any version of your source code, back and forth, whenever you want.

Cloud Deployment Foundations

It's not enough to learn how to build a website using HTML, CSS, JS, and Django, we should also be able to deploy it to the web. Before deploying it to the web, you need to know about things like Nginx, gunicorn, PostgreSQL, Cloud Service Providers like Heroku, AWS, Azure, etc.

Personal Branding

A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company. Personal Branding is a person's gut feeling about an individual. It's how you showcase yourself and promote your work. If you have a personal brand, then you're the go-to person for any related job opening/other such opportunities.

Meet the Instructor

Vidyadhar Sharma
Founder & Product Architect, Speckbit

Started his first startup, Science Panorama, at the age of 16. Built a community of more than 60k readers and users with no marketing dollars spent.

Worked for a dozen different startups while in college before starting Speckbit in pre final year engineering. Now heads the Product Architecture & Development of core products at Speckbit. A Full Stack Developer with extensive understanding of architecture, design and deployment of web applications on the cloud.

Vidyadhar is the true epitome of being a Student Maker & shipping projects to make a buck or two while still in college.

Program Reviews

I really got a very good exposure and hands on experience. Now, I have reached a stage where I can code and deploy my own web apps. I was very impressed and inspired by the guests / speakers who came to speak about their experience. On the whole, I felt I made a right choice by joining the program.

I have seen so many changes in my life since I joined Bridge. My way of thinking and taking decisions has changed. A straight line if deviated by little amount at initial stage will deviate by huge margin when extended. Similarly, Bridge is a small deviation in your life which results in a huge difference later. If you ever have an opportunity to join Bridge, never ever miss that, go grab it!

It's not just about learning coding, but actually being able to build and solve real-life problems. It's also about self-learning, analytical thinking, building a network, understanding the importance fast learning cycles, managing, prioritizing and much more. It's totally out of the box. Don't miss out. Take a change to make a choice to change yourself


Flexible plans designed for all kinds of learners.


Our flagship program. Get hands-on feedback from our team. Get access to exclusive content. We help you build exciting projects, optimize your social profiles, come up with new ideas, apply to new opportunities.

Speckbit HQ, JP Nagar, Bangalore
Next Batch starts August, 2020
Foundation Class : Sunday 8am - 11am
Hack Session : Tuesday (Online) 9pm - 11pm
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