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Machine Learning Foundations Accelerator

Learn To Design & Develop Complex Machine Learning Models From Scratch In 16 weeks.

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How the Program Works

The program is designed to give you maximum learning outcomes in the least time. To make this possible, each week is filled with Foundation Classes, that seed new concepts
& Hack Sessions, that cement topics you learnt in the Foundation Class.


Foundation Classes

Learn new topics every week thoroughly with in-depth hands-on sessions.


Hack Sessions

Build one project every week using comprehensive Project Guides.

Private 1:1 Coaching Call

Talk privately to our coach and resolve deep barriers to your growth.

Career Assistance

Get Placement Assistance for up-to
6 months after graduation.

Build Machine Learning Models from scratch
Work as a Machine Learning Engineer / Consultant
Build Research Models for Real World Problem Statements
Implement ML Algorithms for Problems from different domains.
Clean, Vectorize & Prep Data for Machine Learning Training
Use different tools like Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn etc

Graduation Rituals @ Speckbit

Topics Covered

git VCS
sci-kit learn

MLF Accelerator vs. Other Courses

As shown below, our program is more cost-effective & personalized than a premium online course, and we deliver more robust results than offline training institute.

₹30.000 ₹27,499

Get the best in class training at
one-third the cost of other alternatives without compromising on quality.

₹49,000 - ₹1.2 Lakhs

Quality training doesn't have to be expensive, but unfortunately, they are. Almost 3 times more than us.

Time Commitment

7 -10 Hours / Week
We demand the right amount of time needed to master the content. Give you Project guides that shorten time into half.

16 - 20 Hours / Week
You'll need more time than advertised when you're re-doing most things you didn't understand in the videos.

Session Delivery

Fully Hands-On
Right from the first class, you will write code on your laptop, learn systems development & build projects all through the course.

Passive Whiteboard Training
Our alternatives expect you to learn solely through videos or whiteboard sessions. That's not how you code/build things, do you?


One Project Every Week
There's no better way to learn than to build. You'll build one project every week to learn the curriculum.

One / Two Demo Projects
Our alternatives just showcase & help you build a project or two for namesake.

What You Learn

Tools for Machine Learning

Before you learn to solve Machine Learning problems, you need to get a strong foundation on the tools used. You'll be learning Jupyter Notebook, Numpy, Pandas, & Matplotlib. These tools come in handy when you are solving real-world problems.

ML Algorithms from Scratch

Having understood the common libraries & tools, you will get a brief introduction to Machine Learning. You will be introduced to algorithms like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, K-NN, K-Means, & Hierarchical Clustering.

Neural Networks & Deep Learning

Neural Networks is a complicated algorithm model based on the human brain. You'll find it's application in recognition of speech, language, image, etc. We use Neural Networks for its unique strength & ability to dynamically create complex prediction functions in a way that no other algorithm can.

Working with Tensorflow & Keras

Tensorflow and Keras are the free and open-software libraries for Python. It features various classification, regression and clustering algorithms and performs differential programming across a range of tasks. It is a symbolic math library and is also used for machine learning applications such as neural networks.

Structuring ML Projects

For any Machine Learning project to be built, you need to have a proper structure to it. Organizing and sanitizing the datasets by removing the noise present in the data will help you to apply a suitable machine learning algorithm.

Building a ML Portfolio

A portfolio is really important as it can help you get opportunities for jobs/internships/freelance work. You will discover what exactly a machine learning portfolio is, the types of projects to be included and how to score jobs & internships.

Meet the Instructor

Vidyadhar Sharma
Founder & Product Architect, Speckbit

He started self-learning ML through an internship while in college. When all the code online was either too complex or out-right gibberish to understand, Vidyadhar authored his own versions of simpler implementation for every ML Algorithm he worked on.

He then went on to conduct several workshops for thousands of students in his network to teach and make ML a more simpler & approachable subject for everyone.

After having taught Machine Learning to over 2700+ in the last 3 years across the state, the ML Foundations Accelerator is an exclusive peak into how to self-learn, analyze and write code that solves problem in Machine Learning.

Program Reviews

Worth every single penny spent! I went from knowing ZERO in Machine Learning to being able to Understand Datasets, perform data pre-processing and training models. Being a self learner throughout my life, this was the first program that I ever enrolled in apart from regular academics. To be honest I'm feeling bad that it is going to end. It was not just about ML, it was a lot about the whole learning process. It has changed the way I learn forever.

"One thing about Speckbit's learning method is, it grows on you. It is fun, non-hierarchical and totally interactive. It brings out the explorer in you."

"This is not just a course, you will get to learn the importance of going beyond the curriculum, developing the habit of taking initiatives to excel skills, how to articulate ideas and work towards it. At Speckbit Academy, I realized many mistakes such as ignoring knowledge gaps and not clearing the doubts then & there itself, consequence of stagnation at critical times, importance of networking and many more. I felt the Academy teaches us many things which we can never expect from college."


Flexible plans designed for all kinds of learners.


Our flagship program. Get hands-on feedback from our team. Get access to exclusive content. We help you build exciting projects, optimize your social profiles, come up with new ideas, apply to new opportunities.

Speckbit HQ, JP Nagar, Bangalore
Batch starts August, 2020
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