The best jobs in Tech need more than tech skills

The best jobs in Tech need more than tech skills

Published on
December 4, 2019

For a long time now, there has been a misconception about getting the right roles. Most people believe it's just about having technical skills.

We've seen time and again that it's not. Getting hired is as much about understanding Culture & Business as it's about skills. Having the right skills is like sailing the last mile. It's only important once you have an understanding about other things.

The Best Opportunities lie at the intersection of understanding Business, Culture & the Skills.


Business is at the center of every economic activity. Money flows from those who need value to those who create & capture it. It's key to understand what value you generate in the economic landscape, whether your salaries are justified. Who pays for it all & Why?


Every industry has it's own culture in how it goes about conducting it's business. How people behave, Where do they Hangout?, What kind of ideas do they talk about? What's their major quest? What do they value and what do they hate? It's important to answer these questions, be it Fashion, or in Tech.


Once you know how the industry functions, what they value, only then do skills matter. Skills decide at what point in the value delivery pipeline you plug yourself into. Sometimes, it's not sufficient to just build a lot of skills to score the best opportunities. You've to build the right ones.

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