Bridge is a blended learning program. It consists of both offline and online classes. Offline classes once a week to learn new topics, Online learning for the rest of the week to revise and practice.

"If you are really looking for something to change your life, this is your chance, don't miss it."

Ashwin K S, DSATM, Bangalore

"It's not just about programming, you learn better thinking, building network, handling interviews & much more. Something we never get in college."

Vineeth VS, SJBIT, Bangalore

Available Tracks

Full Stack Maker

Learn how to build Full-Stack Web Applications with Python & Django.

🐍 Learn the Foundations
of Python Programming
🔨 Make useful Project in Python
⚙️ Learn Version Control
with Git & Github
💻 Design Beautiful Interfaces
with HTML/CSS & Bootstrap
🎲 Create robust Backend Applications with Django
🌐 Deploy your web applications
to Heroku/AWS.

Program Fee



3 Months / Sundays

ML Foundations

Learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning with Python in just 2 months.

🐍 Python & Git Crash Course
🏡 Predict Housing Prices
with Linear Regression
📉 Classify Cancer Types
with Logistic Regression
💳 Predict Credit Card Frauds
with SVM
💵 Predict Customer Purchase
Patterns with K-Means
📆 Predicting User Churn Rates
with Neural Networks

Program Fee

₹24,499 ₹17,699


2 Months / Weekdays

How Does Bridge Accelerate Learning? ⚡️

One of the foundational reasons why your learning takes long is because you get stuck, you don't get help in time, and you eventually give up. So when you start back again after few weeks, because of weak links you have to start right from the beginning. It now takes double the time. So, we make sure we address this well.

During the course of 12 weeks of program, our students meet with mentors every week (On Sundays) to learn and discuss new concepts with hands-on workshops and one-on-one doubt-clearning sessions. This makes the foundations absolutely robust.

Like it or not, the other greatest drawback is passive learning. Meaning you only watch or consume content and never do anything with it.

At Bridge, every session, every single encounter with the instructor is hands-on. We're heavily biased on action & push our students to take action for everything.