Basic Electronics for Beginners

Created on Mar 16, 2018

Electronics today, is one of the most exciting topics today. Electronic circuits surround us everywhere and understanding where so much of exciting stuff comes from and what makes it up is an interesting topic to learn and explore. This collection does exactly that. 

Basic Electronics for Beginners

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Electric Charge - The Nucleus of Electronics

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Charge is the fundamental property of matter that exhibit electrostatic attraction or repulsion in the presence of other matter. Let us begin with basics of charge and the applications of charge.


Electric Field - The Influence of Charges

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The electric field is the force that will be exerted on a test particle of unit charge by electromagnetic forces. Get to know the relation between electric field and electric charges.


Electric Potential and Potential Difference: Part 1

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Here you will understand the importance of charges and field when they are applied between two bodies.


Electric Potential and Potential Difference: Part 2

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This link is the continuation of Electric Potential and Potential Difference: Part 1


Electric Current

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What happens when there is a potential difference between two charged bodies? The video explains it really well.


AC and DC - That which waves and that which is straight

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OK! You learnt about what Electric Current is. Now let us go through the different types of Electric Current.


Current and Voltage Sources

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Sources are the one which provide the needed power for any circuit to operate. There are two different kinds of sources which are most commonly used in building any circuit. They are,

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Manjula S
Oct 01

Thankyou for this collection.. Im finding Electronics more interesting now.