Introduction to Cyber Security

Created on Mar 19, 2018

Today the internet is used for entertainment, communication, online banking, social networking, storing company and government data, e-commerce, and the list goes endless….. The internet is growing every minute. However the main concern for every individual, organisation and government agencies is security on the internet. Cyber security has been the hottest topic of technology from the past decade. Companies spend billions of dollars every year on security yet we hear about a major security breach every single month. This collection bundle needs no prerequisite, however it would put you on the right track of becoming a cyber security expert!

Introduction to Cyber Security

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Why learn Cyber Security?

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This is a short video which would give you an idea about why cyber security is needed and why learn it.


The CIA triad in information security: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

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The classic model for information security defines three objectives of security: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Each objective addresses a different aspect on information security.


Types of threat in the world of cyber security:

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A threat could be defined as any entity which could cause damage or danger. In the world of cyber security any code or software which would cause damage or danger could be classified as a threat. Look


Who is making all this Malware and Why?

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There is a common feeling around people that malware is created by magic. However this is not the case, malware are simple logical codes which are written by software developers. However unlike any other code which would program a task malwares perform activities or tasks which would cause harm to normal operation of any device.


How do we protect our computers from the threats on the internet?

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Now that we know about the various kinds of threats on the internet the main question which comes to the mind is what do we do, or what are the best practises to be followed to be safe and secure on the internet. Watch this two minute video to find out.


Social Engineering: the simplest and the most effective kind of Attack

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Social engineering on itself is a very big topic to learn about. However considering we know the basics of threats on the internet, the main question is how do criminals use this malwares to trap the victim. Social engineering is one of the way. Read the article to get a glimpse of social engineering.


Social engineering, Why is it used the most and how to be protected

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The internet is filled with various kinds of threats and most of them boil down to the attacker using social engineering to steal information like passwords or bank details. This video will give you a better understanding on why social engineering is used and also how to be protected.


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