Code & Development

Machine Learning by Google Developers

Machine Learning Recipes series by Google

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Intermediate Python

Essential things in Python you should know better.

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Building Projects with Django

Completed fundamentals of Django? Build more projects using this collection

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Introduction to Django

Django is a Web Framework that is extensively used and is a very useful tool for web development. Let us dive into it step by step.

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How the Internet Works

How does the internet work? What is a web developer? How do I become a great web developer?

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Python, Django, Data Science & More Resources

Contains content detailing further-than-syntax Python projects.

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Django Essentials

Learn the most important things in Django for setting up a functional web app.

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Learning Git and Github

Learn what Git is and how it's used by developers in their workflow.

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Image Processing with OpenCV - Python

The most simplest way to learn image processing the shortest time available.

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Android App Development - Beginner

Learning Android App development for beginners

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Head First Deep Learning

Dive into Deep Learning. Only prerequisite is high school maths.

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Introduction to Python

Know What Python is, Why it's important today and browse through a quick introduction to Python programming.

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Introduction to Machine Learning

Explore and understand the basics of Machine Learning with the help of this collection. Made with love for ML Enthusiasts

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Machine Learning Essentials (Research Papers and Cheatsheets)

Use this once you've done some simple tutorials on Machine Learning.

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