Full Stack Maker

Learn Full Stack Web Development with Python and Django,
master front-end, backend-end web, and application deployment to cloud.

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Track Particulars

Topics Covered:

Python, Django Web Framework, Git & Github,
HTML/CSS, System Design, Cloud Deployment,
Heroku, UI Wireframing

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Every Sunday - 9.30am - 4.30pm

Next Batch Starts:

January 26, 2019


12 Weeks

Applications Close:

January 22, 2019


Intide Space, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bangalore

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Program Fees

₹ 24,499

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This program provides you with

Weekly Hands-On Classes

Become a better developer with consistent all hands-on sessions.

Real-world Applications

Pick your own ideas & learn how to build them from scratch.

Personal Mentorship

Grow faster with Mentors who keep invested in your success.

Challenging Environment

Work with a diverse group of peers who challenge you to do better.

High Completion Rates

Our students have never quit midway. Be assured of finishing when you start.


Worth every penny you pay & 10x cheaper than everywhere else.

Student Stories

Here's what our Alumnus have to say...

Vivek Chandra B S

I really got a very good exposure and hands on experience. Now, I have reached a stage where I can code and deploy my own web apps. I was very impressed and inspired by the guests / speakers who came to speak about their experience. On the whole, I felt I made a right choice by joining the program.

Sushmitha M Katti

As the name says, Speckbit's Bridge is the bridge between me and myself. It helps you meet your inner self, it teaches you to believe in yourself. I have seen so many changes in my life since I joined Bridge. My way of thinking and taking decisions has changed. A straight line if deviated by little amount at initial stage will deviate by huge margin when extended. Similarly, Bridge is a small deviation in your life which results in a huge difference later. If you ever have an opportunity to join Bridge, never ever miss that, go grab it!

Shivani P R

It's not just about learning coding, but actually being able to build and solve real-life problems. It's also about self-learning, analytical thinking, building a network, understanding the importance fast learning cycles, managing, prioritizing and much more. It's totally out of the box. Don't miss out. Take a change to make a choice to change yourself.