Hacking Data Science

Learn Data Science, Machine Learning
and build effective industry-aligned projects with 1-on-1 mentorship.

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Track Particulars

Topics Covered:

Python, Git & Github, numpy, pandas, matplotlib,
seaborn, sci-kit learn, TensorFlow, Keras DL Library,
Jupyter Notebook, Stucturing ML Projects

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Every Wednesday & Thursday - 5.30pm - 8.30pm

Next Batch Starts:

January 26, 2019


12 Weeks

Applications Close:

January 22, 2019


Intide Space, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bangalore

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Program Fees

₹ 24,499

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This program provides you with

Weekly Hands-On Classes

Become a better developer with consistent all hands-on sessions.

Real-world Applications

Pick your own ideas & learn how to build them from scratch.

Personal Mentorship

Grow faster with Mentors who keep invested in your success.

Challenging Environment

Work with a diverse group of peers who challenge you to do better.

High Completion Rates

Our students have never quit midway. Be assured of finishing when you start.


Worth every penny you pay & 10x cheaper than everywhere else.

Student Stories

Here's what our Alumnus have to say...

Ganesh Prasad B G

Worth every single penny spent!! I went from knowing ZERO in Machine Learning to being able to Understand Datasets, perform data pre-possessing and training models. Being a self learner throughout my life, this was the first program that I ever enrolled in apart from regular academics. To be honest I'm feeling bad that it is going to end. It was not just about ML, it was a lot about the whole learning process. It has changed the way I learn forever.

Bhoomika Madhukar

One thing about Speckbit's learning method is,it grows on you. It is fun, non-hierarchical and totally interactive. It brings out the explorer in you.

Achyuth K V

Bridge is not just a course, you will get to learn the importance of going beyond the curriculum, developing the habit of taking initiatives to excel skills, how to articulate ideas and work towards it.... With Bridge, I realized many mistakes such as ignoring knowledge gaps and not clearing the doubts then & there itself, consequence of stagnation at critical times, importance of networking and many more. I felt Bridge teaches us many things which we can never expect from college .

Apply Now & Get up to 50% Scholarship