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Launchpad is a FREE engaging coding boot-camp centered around Python Programming, Git & GitHub, and introducing students to the world of tech & startups.
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How the Program Works

We announce new batches every month. Each batch runs anywhere between 3-4 Weeks. The bootcamp contains 12 hours of hands-on content that you will attend from one of our venues, duly announced right before the sessions start.
During the Bootcamp, you will learn,
How Programming/Coding Works
To design, write & run scripts in Python for automating daily tasks
How to use Systems Thinking to solve problems in programming
Understand where coding can help you at College / Work
And Walk out with confidence that you can now write code & build useful software

Stories @ Launchpad

Here are some glimpses from what happens inside the Launchpad Bootcamp. Straight from our Instagram Stories.

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What You Learn

Python Foundations

We’ll be taking a all hands-on from scratch approach to teaching you how to code and build competence in Python. You can start from knowing nothing.

Git & GitHub

Git version control is the crux of every software project management. Learn how to keep track of your code and collaborate with others on GitHub.

Image Manipulations

Understand how images are stored and processed by computers and build your filters like on Instagram and add them to thousands of images on your system.

Working with Databases

Databases are the centre of all information systems. Be introduced to Relational Databases & build apps that store & retrieve data from persistent databases.

Program Reviews

Speckbit Launchpad is a knowledge booster on Python wherein I could learn everything required to build a console application in Python. It's just amazing how the course is planned which made me go beyond my thoughts on my ability and my potential. All in all Speckbit Launchpad is the ultimate stop to boost one's knowledge on Python within a very short time.

I cannot recommend it enough. I used to give up every time I got stuck with an error. Launchpad Bootcamp is exactly what I needed to get started. And at the end of the boot camp, I presented what I built which gave me a lot of confidence to keep going. The instructors and social scene are both great and it's a fun learning experience. Just join!!

Most of the boot-camps tell you that they offer hands-on sessions, but they somehow manage to skip using time as excuse. At Speckbit Launchpad, they let you do everything. The volunteers are always ready to help you whenever you're stuck. After attending multiple workshops & boot-camps I feel Launchpad is the best place to learn Python. I can't believe I was able to finish two projects on the final Hack Day using all the concepts that I learned. Now I am more confident in Python than I was before.

Speckbit Launchpad is just an amazing program. You get to learn so many interesting things in a very short span of time. When I was here, I never thought I'd be making Instagram filters within the 3rd day, but they made it happen which was so cool. I in fact never thought I'd be a person who would code and all. But the Launchpad gave me that confidence in me. And trust me when I say, I could see a lot of changes in my self after this program 😁

Vidyadhar and his team at Speckbit were so encouraging at every step of the Launchpad. It was totally worth it!! I would love to be a part of Speckbit from now onwards. The people here create a whole new perspective for you to start with programming. I'm damn sure that all those who attend this are gonna love it & there’s no second thought in that.

The best thing about the Speckbit Launchpad is that it changed my perspective about Python & programming. It helped me to understand Python in a better way and since everything we learned was hands-on, it made it more efficient.

Speckbit Launchpad is really a very good platform for the beginners or for anybody else to learn to program. Their Launchpad Bootcamp is the best place to learn the basics without any pre-requisites. Within a few hours, people will be able to code. When I didn’t have any clue what Python is, by the end of the session I was able to understand the code and build a project in it. That's the best thing I could do in such a short period. Launchpad is really great platform, especially for the students.

Interesting pieces of stuff were taught and learning was made awesome. I don’t know how to describe it, you guys motivated us, made us understand Python really well in just 4 days. You improvised us, made us feel we are capable. Thanks a lot, Speckbit! It gives the best possible coaching for Python in a short time and ZERO fees. I am amused, satisfied and happy joining for Speckbit Launchpad here! You have improvised, motivated, a lot!😬 Cheers to Speckbit!

I actually had an amazing time on all the days at Speckbit Launchpad. I think people should attend it to learn really cool stuff. I would love to thank the whole Speckbit team for giving all of us this great and crazy opportunity. Thank u so much, guys!!!


Launchpad is a not-for-profit initiative at the Academy. We collect a small registration fee (completely refundable) to filter genuinely interested students from those who register  without foresight and might end up not attending.
₹999* (FREE)

* You get a 100% refund on the confirmation fee when you graduate. Please read the terms & conditions below.

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